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About Navrit

Navrit is a health food supplier who with its state-of-the-art processing facility produces healthy snacks from organic compounds. We are a research and development company working in the field of processing organic food products in order to provide unique and innovative snacks to our customers. With our private labeling services, we also rend to work with several other businesses as well. Beside our own product range and brands, we also develop and supply organic food products under private label. Our private label team and the massive support network help food processing businesses through all the necessary steps. To help and support our clientele through private label, we uniquely customize our services according to their needs.

Navrit offers support services including product concept and ideas, product development, regulatory strategy, product packaging, product branding, and everything else to launch a finished food product.

Our Story

Over the years, we experienced something that made us realize that the future generation will face extreme difficulties when it comes to their health. Junk food is everywhere; there are food joints that offer cheap snacks, making them easily accessible.

We realized that the Indian youth is the biggest victim of fast food consumption. Health complications like obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, etc are now common problems. This not only affects their health but their quality of life as well.

This is where an idea generated of feeding the citizens of India tasty, healthy snacks. We know that tasty snacks are not always healthy and this is the main reason why people refrain from healthy eating. On the other hand, people believe that healthy snacks are expensive as compared to junk foods. This laid the foundation for Navrit, a marketplace that offers reasonable organic food products and items processed under extreme hygienic conditions

Our Mission and Vision

We strive to do so by

  • Improving the sustainability and efficiency of organic food products through scientific research
  • Educating consumers
  • Proactively bring to market organic, natural, and local foods
  • Offering compromise-free products as healthy alternatives

Our Vision

We aspire to transform the food industry by creating a secure and sustainable food system that encourages the health of humans and the environment

Our Values

  • Corporate Values: Caring for others, social responsibility, openness, honesty, solidarity, equality, democracy, self-responsibility, and self-help
  • Ethical Business Practices: Maintaining the highest standards when it comes to dealing with consumers, suppliers, and employees
  • Quality: Stick to product selection criteria that provides a wide range of natural and organic foods and products
  • Innovation: Recognize and acclimatize to the economic, social, and environmental drivers of change
  • Education: Demonstrate the impact on the health of the planet and personal health and encourage informed choices